Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cleared ITIL V3

well after a long wait i finally gave and cleared my ITIL V3 foundation exam. It was not a tough exam but my last minute preparation made it look more difficult(anyways if we clear any exam then it always looks easy :) ). What matters most is the output and i cleared the exam with a decent 80%
Do not rely on Dumps. I got only 5 questions(last 5 Q) from the dump though lot of my colleagues were insisting that a dump study might be enough to clear exam.
It is good that i thought the other way and read the ITIL material(got to know lot of things too)

To put down the most important beneficial to me of this exam
- most of the process that is mentioned in ITIL, i follow it in my day today work.ITIL helped me getting those concepts more clear and give a scope of improvement in some of these areas
-well no doubt a ITIL certification matters a lot, but it is the knowlege gained through it might be useful to IT professionals(i am an IT professional)

Some things to remember
-ensure that u have clear idea of all the lifecycles as questions (direct and indirect) rely on these
-go through dumps to get an idea of questions that will appear in exam rather than thinking of passing it through it
-at last a certificate matters if u gain it after studying rather than jsut gettng for the sake getting it through relying on dumps