Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yellow Belt or Green Belt or Black Belt

First question is what are this belts..Well if anybody made a guess that these are differnet level in judo or karate(hopefully i am referring to the correct sport), then you are completely wrong. Well this belts signify the different levels in a six sigma projects..

There might be very few people who will be aware of yellow belt(YB) in six sigma. Well this acts as a prerequiste in some organisations for completely a Green Belt(GB)certification. The advantage is you complete a project before hand with a substantial ROI saving and get exposure to basics of six sigma

Now a days rather than six sigma people used the name as lean six sigma. it is nothing but a composite of lean and six sigma concepts. ASQ(the standard body for giving six sima certification) does not have a concept of YB and exams are simpler compared to internal GB exams done my many companies

Will share in my next post some of my key understandings and material for clearing a GB exam

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My MBA pursuit

My MBA pursuit has been going on since last year. Due to low GMAT score i could not get calls from any indian colleges which i applied(ISB,IIMC).
On doing more research i came across GLIM(great lakes institute of management) , set up by uncle bala. This has been one of the fastest growing one year MBA colleges in india . Luckily i got a call , i had good PI and GD , but could not convert it. This call gave me a exposure to interview and some moral boost, but it also thought a hard lesson and important lesson :"GMAT score matters a lot".

Most of the schools want to maintain a good mean , median GMAT score of incoming batch, so a person with low GMAT score has very less chance. Well i come from a very generic pool of IT guys so profile also does not help. Most of the guy who get admitted with low GMAT score(>640) are from non IT backgrounds and they have some unique achievements.

As i was about to get started my preparation for GMAT again, IIM I announced its admission for one year program. Though this is a first year program the IIM brand matters a lot. I did not want to waste my 3k bugs for the application as i was not sure of getting a interview call ( i feel application of low GMAT scorers are just glanced and not read properly).
When last 3 days were left for closing the IIMI application, i completed the application in a day and sent it across to the organisation. Well it was a gamble which i made , just to avoid the feeling of me not getting selected because i did not apply(I did not apply to XLRI With my GMAT score, but latter i came to know that people having GMAT score and profile similar to me have got i/v calls. But not sure about the converts).

I do not even remember in a hurry what i had written. On the day of the my birthday, a friend calls me and informs that he is got selected for IIMI i/v and asks me also to check it. After some hesitation i called IIMI and they said i was shortlisted for the interview.

It was a great shock and happiness of some extent , that i got a call from a prestigious institute. Coming friday is my interview and my irony is that i do not recollect what i have written in my application essasy.

Though i feel, i have a very less chance of making it, at some corner of my heart i feel how great it would be if i can make it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cleared ITIL V3

well after a long wait i finally gave and cleared my ITIL V3 foundation exam. It was not a tough exam but my last minute preparation made it look more difficult(anyways if we clear any exam then it always looks easy :) ). What matters most is the output and i cleared the exam with a decent 80%
Do not rely on Dumps. I got only 5 questions(last 5 Q) from the dump though lot of my colleagues were insisting that a dump study might be enough to clear exam.
It is good that i thought the other way and read the ITIL material(got to know lot of things too)

To put down the most important beneficial to me of this exam
- most of the process that is mentioned in ITIL, i follow it in my day today work.ITIL helped me getting those concepts more clear and give a scope of improvement in some of these areas
-well no doubt a ITIL certification matters a lot, but it is the knowlege gained through it might be useful to IT professionals(i am an IT professional)

Some things to remember
-ensure that u have clear idea of all the lifecycles as questions (direct and indirect) rely on these
-go through dumps to get an idea of questions that will appear in exam rather than thinking of passing it through it
-at last a certificate matters if u gain it after studying rather than jsut gettng for the sake getting it through relying on dumps

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Finally Start

I have been thinking of writing a blog for long time know. This is just an example of things which i plan, but implementation gets postponded everyday. There is a saying that "Tomorrow never comes". Finally i start today blogger gives me an option to avoid remembering another userid/passwd.

Morning once i get to office i just think how easy it would have been if i was able to log to my diff bank website , office pc, trading acct etc with a single security log on. But it is just a wish and hope that someday it will happen.