Monday, January 23, 2017

Learnings of a first time Aquarium owner

Some people dream of having an aquarium at home. Well the dream is good, but what is important is that proper care needs to be taken care of the new members

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Most shops suggest many remedies but i would like to share some of my learnings.

Past history

We initially bought goldfish. But they could not survive for more than 2 weeks. When we enquired with the shop owner , we were told following reasons

 - Healthy fish death is an indication that hey have taken away the evil spirits from home (according to chinese calendar) since it takes away the bad things happening at home

i happend to call another store, then they told me that possible death reason could have been due to

 - excessive shocks. they could not tolerate the unhealthy water from taps. They advised to keep the water in sun for 4 days before putting it in acquarium

Well i do not deny the above findings, but the death of fish disturbed us. We were not willing to buy more fish since we did not another fish deaths at home. After researching for many weeks, we finally decided that we should try second time.

In the second phase of this journey, we bought pair of Molly.  Today we have successfully been able to maintain the aquarium for more than more month and the fishes are healthy


1. Aquarium needs to be cleaned once a week. But do not change the whole water. Make sure 30-40% of the old water is mixed with new water. This does give fish the shocks of new atmosphere

2. Give them food twice a day. Many fish owners told me that remove the food from aquarium, if fish do not eat it in 15 minutes since dissolved food can make the water dangerous. But i noticed that the fish eat food slowly and then need an hour to slowly eat

3. Contrary to what i was told (to add mixture of tap water and  mineral water), the fish survive well in tap water. I have been using tap water and stopped using mineral water

4. Size of the food consumed varies based on the fish. Molly used food which are smaller sized compared to gold fish food

5.When you change water in aquarium, move the fish to another container. Let the container have the water from aquarium so that fish do not feel to much change. the same water can be added back to the aquarium.

So any of you have any experiences maintaining the aquarium. Would love to hear them out !!