Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Second Shot at SPJain PGPM Program

This is my second attempt to make it to the SP Jain PGPM Program
More details about the program is here :

I just finished my Telephonic Interview(TI). I though of sharing it before i forget it
I was stuck at the reception for 10 minutes because the number given in the email was not going through (had hardly 5 minutes to talk )i think total i/v went for 9 minutes

One of the professors was goan(i am too ), so we just started with a casual chat. Good for me to relax after 10 minutes frustration at reception.

There were 2 professors. 1 lady and 1 male

1. Introduce yourself
2. Why MBA
3. Which domain are you working and would like to change it?
4. Where are you staying in US? Post MBA what you want to do
5. I previously have attended SP Jain process. So told them that i have been to the campus (not sure if getting rejected previously is taken as a bad thing for my resume)
the prof also told me that most of the folks from TCS come on sabatical and join back TCS after a good pay hike. I said i would love to join back, but first i need to know if am worth SP Jain

In the end they asked if i had Any questions
1. I asked about plans in future for hostel accomodation for married students. The professor joked and told me that i need to be forced bachelor for one year. Staying outside the hostel with family is an option but he advised me not to do so due to the rigorous program.
I was also told that SP Jain hostel has veg food ( Not sure why. Probably bcz i am goan .. Anyways)
2. I did ask what next. He said they have some process in place and they will get back to me (Not sure if this means a bye bye or we will talk next ). So fingers crossed..

All the best for people attending interviews.
Well the next stage is Second Round of Interview if i can clear the first roun