Friday, December 30, 2016

Kayaking - Water Sports that is becoming the choice of populace

Created thousands of years ago by Eskimos/Inuit, kayaks today are not only famous for its multiple usages such as diving, fishing, search/rescue missions etc. but also for famous racing sport.  With just an unpretentious, low-cost boat, some protection gear, and a forward stroke on the paddle, anybody can start enjoying kayaking.
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Great for waterways, rivulets, and lakes, kayaks are useful watercraft that are trivial and easy to carriage. A kayaking journey can be a serene outing on a mild lake or a great escapade.

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Today kayaking india is becoming a prevailing sport on running rivers that are more extreme. Kayaking, by nature, forms a different character and a different assertiveness towards the river than does rafting, hard boating, canoeing, or cat boating. Some reasons why kayaking is growing so quickly worldwide are :

  • Kayaking is cheap. The kayaks themselves can range in price from the low hundreds to the low thousands. Also it takes it takes fewer resources to build a kayak, and in general are one of the more environmentally friendly boating activities.
  • Kayaks are also widely manageable. They can be handpicked up and transported by anyone unlike a canoe, which can take more than one person to move.
  • Kayaking is a very user-friendly kind of sport and it is easy to learn
  • One of the few water sports that is apt for people with all kinds of ability. This sport provides a chance to meet countless people and is apt for singles, couples and friends.

In addition to the above benefits, Kayaking is great exercise and gives you a view that really submerges you in the experience. It might not seem like the usual total-body workout, but it certainly warrants a spot on the workout list. Key health benefits of kayaking are

  • Paddling in the water and executing a good stroke is going to help tone every muscle in the upper body.
  • The core abdominal muscles are fortified in kayaking through the control of kayak. Turning the kayak relies on the shifting and turning of the core area of the body. Each turn of the kayak results in the use of abdominal muscles and, over time, builds these muscles.
  • Pressure applied by the legs assists in rotating and harmonizing the kayak. This constant clutching over time increases the strength of leg muscles.
  • The hurried movements involved in the sport are another benefit of kayaking as exercise. The continuous movement increases the heart rate and health.
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Its time to get those workouts and have fun with family or friends. The one stop shop to buy a kayak in India and SUPs is easily available at the tip of your fingertips. You just need to log onto the website

Happy Kayaking friends, and remember that it’s all about enjoying and spending time outdoors.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Have you tried to "Learn to Learn" or "Teach to Learn"

We all learn different things in life. Sometimes we make use of this learning or sometimes we just do something that is different from what we have learnt.

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It is important to learn/teach how to learn apart from understanding the content. In the fast changing world, what we learnt needs to be evolved or re-learnt. hence it is important to learn the art of learning rather than just the art of understanding. There is no denying of the fact that being a lifelong learner is more important to skillset to have in an adult rather than being just a learner.

Well a lot has been talked about this in different mediums. Here are some interesting collections


The course provides a structured practical techniques that help you through what you need to do to get on track to learn difficult subjects. If you’ve ever wanted to become better at anything, this course serves as a good guide

2.  HBR article

This article talks about mental tools that anyone can develop to boost all four attributes—even those that are often considered fixed (aspiration, curiosity, and vulnerability).


Monday, December 26, 2016

Secure your biometric Data from any misuse

As india is becoming digital, it is important that all of us understand its pros and cons. While pros are being debated openly, it is important that we understand the cons also. The most important con that worries me is "what happens if someone misuses the data"

Well they will have access to our personal information and it can be mis-used. For example someone can use this information to know our bank balance or access benefits given to us through our biometirc data or many more. There can be many such negative use cases. Hence it is important that we secure our biometric data.

To refresh your memory, following biometric data was collected from you befre AADHAAR CARD was issued:

  • Eye IRIS data
  • Facial picture
  • Finger prints/Thumb prints

Every user is unique. Hence it is important to secure this data. Inorder to secure this data you need to visit and lock it.

Once you click on the above website, you need to enter 12 digit Aadhaar number and security code(captcha code). If the details are correct, OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. After entering OTP, on the next page you can lock the personal biometric data. If for some reason, in future you wish to unlock then the same process needs to be repeated.

Aadhaar Services : Lock/Unlock Screen

Demographic details like Address, age and gender will still be accessible when needed even if biometric data is locked.

Go ahead and secure your biometric data!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

FullTank : Aggregate the automobile service providers on a single platform

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India is one of the biggest automobile marketplaces in the world. It has approximately 15million cars and is continually developing. Post sale services are highly disjointed comprising of supplier workshops, secretly possessed garages, OEM & non OEM fixtures sellers, Insurances, Drivers etc. The automobile industry accounts for around 7.1 per cent of India's gross domestic product (GDP).
But along with the growth, India is also steadily becoming a manufacturing hotbed for fake auto components. These duplicate auto parts not only reduce original manufacturers' margins , but also affect the performance of the vehicle itself due to many reasons such as untested parts, shoddy components etc that can lead to serious consequences like death.
Other malpractices in auto sector include exorbitant labor charges, unfounded bills, abrasions or dips due to slackness.  The Villains of Wheels initiative by Fulltank points out the ill practices of the current unorganized auto industry. This initiative strives to eliminate these ill-practices .With Fulltank you can now beat these villains and #BeAHero by supporting and helping us to serve you better.
To do so, Fulltank has launched an app that provides some of the below services:
  • 24 X 7 : Avail the service of skilled mechanic at anytime. The normal mechanic might have time constraints and may not prioritize your car service. But with Fulltank it is possible to leverage the expertise of a mechanic 24×7 at any time whenever needed. 

  • No More Feku Parts : It is difficult for any customer to differentiate between genuine or fake parts. They look similar. It is easy to be enticed into the lure of getting similar part at less cost. But without an expert help any one will easily fall in this trap. Avoid getting duped by Duplicate spare parts since they cause more harm than just a quick fix for your car. The deep knowledge of Fulltank ensures that no more customers put their life and hard earned money at risk

  • Other Benefits : Properly skilled technicians identified by Fulltank team ensure that the problems faced by car are solved by an expert and not by an invoice (they will not use your car as a test machine). Also proper handling of car ensures that no over-billing headache is there. 

Next time you need any help for your vehicle, just tap the app for help.In-order to download the Fulltank app, just go to below location

All the customers can be #BeaHero and fight all of Villains with to avoid any bad service experience with your car of any sorts. You can also join the fight against these Villains of unfair practices and help in eliminating this cancer. Join  and #BeaHero to protect the interests all consumers

There is much more that Fulltank intends to do to defeat these villains. But all of us can be an #BeAHero and fight against these villains. You can Tweet, post and share using #BeAHero and kill the villains.

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