Sunday, February 16, 2014


STATEMENT OF PURPOSE (SOP) that describes career goals and  reasons for wishing to undertake MBA is an important part of many applications. Here i would like to share with my blog readers my SOP.
Hopefully it can help and inspire you for your applications


Attaining a quality education from a renowned college tends to be everyone’s desire. Only a few persons get the opportunity to pursue it. Though I did not graduate from a top institute, I have put maximum effort to develop my skills effectively. It has given me enough confidence to tackle any complex environment around me. At present, I have reached a crucial moment in my professional career, and I strongly believe that I have selected the most appropriate college to enhance my skills and talents. 
I am a person who aspires to have more exposures and experiences. Being a student in a notable institution enables me to have both. I firmly believe that the magnitude of my knowledge can be widened by studying at XXXX. To add, the environment would allow me to have a vivid idea about the multifaceted features of business. 
There are many reasons why I want to study in this institution.
  1. It is a well-known campus, which gives utmost importance to keep up the educational standards.
  2. The industry has advanced phenomenally in the recent decades and it requires out and out expertise for a person to cope up in life. Only a quality education from a reputed institution can make this possible.
  3. The facilities the management provides can make any student a promising one. Getting a chance to learn from such an institution is always enriching.
Positive thinking is the single major aspect, which determines the success of a person. I have ever been keen to approach everything positively. It gives one energy and enthusiasm to go further in life. It rightly enabled me to resolve many issues in personal and educational life. Besides, I have acquired leadership qualities as well as people management skills. Right from my school days, I have taken a lead role in many extracurricular activities. Similarly, I have ever been showing outstanding performance in academics. I have passed all examinations with high grades. Hence, I can undergo the program in a successful way. 
I was quite fortunate enough to gain experience of more than X years in executing and managing multiple Program Projects, which include vital integration projects during XXX Merger. Apart from this, my management experience will help me a lot in all my future endeavors. The varied experience in NGO work is an added advantage to me. I could do a small deal in ttttttttt as well. My writing hobby made me explore the opportunities in xxxxx . It turned out to be a successful cccccc. Experiences like these made me more capable enough to undertake any task of any magnitude. This mentality will make me undergo the program successfully. 
I am quite satisfied that I have chosen a lucrative area to further develop my professional life. It is a stream, which has much relevance in today’s business-centered, globalized state of affairs. By involving in ZZZZ, I can see the whole world in a very different perspective. The exposure it will provide me will be immense. I can learn the most recent developments in the area with vivid practical sessions. 
Attitude is what determines one’s altitude. If approach in the right way, one can be victorious everywhere. I strongly believe that I approach things in the right line of attack. I have a mind that is fully prepared to undertake any complicated topic in my area of study. The more is the difficulty level, the more is my curiosity to uncover it. It is my passion to explore the unexplored regions of business that stops at XXXX.
Nothing can be achieved without hard work and determination. Since I have selected the most appropriate college, I am confident that by doing things sincerely and perfectly, I can reach great heights in life. I look forward to showing my commitment to the society and my eagerness to be independent if I get the right break.