Friday, October 21, 2011

Dreaming of giving my GMAT again

Plans of giving GMAT has been on paper for long time now. But it never fulfilled from last year since i could not re-start the preparation.

In the process a lot has changed. I am settled today in personal life and now i feel that i need to restart the preps. Before re-starting the preparation i wanted to see if i can refresh anything. i have been getting emails of Kaplan free computer adaptive test for long time. Unfortunately from last one month i have registered for this tests but due to my work pressure i could not take them.

And finally i took it last saturday. Results of the test were pathetic. But more than that, what surprised is that there were some questions for which i took long time to solve. While there were others questions for which i could not recollect the formula or narrow down. frankly speaking, after half an hour into the test i just wanted to give up because i was getting frustrated. But then i decided that this was not the time for frustration and rather try to complete the test.

During the process of test i could see stars but was determined to complete it. Atlast i did complete the test. Score is below.

My learning experience - Practice, Practice to achieve dreams

Below are the snapshots of my score

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Try xtradegree to achieve your dream score

Hello MBA dreamers.
Here is a product which can help you achieve you your dream score and can be a good arsenal for your preparations.
If you are just starting your preparations then you can take a diagnostic test to see where you stand before you begin you prepare your detailed schedule

Prepkit Features
- You can customize the material according to your strengths and weakness
- The computer adaptive test will give you a practice of taking test on a computer.( Ensure that you do not have any other distractions and you can devote your time when you are taking the test)
- All types of questions formats are supported
- Continuous feedback will help you to make a judgement of your test preparation
- You can create a customized test to suit your needs. For instance if you feel that you are weak in one area then you can take test in that area only
- You can attached notes/tag/bookmark as you use this material

once you have taken the test, there are different option to review the test or improve your competency in a particular weak area. You can do so by

1. Review your performance in the test this feature helps you to review the different tests that you have taken. You can review all the questions or different questions. See the various options below

2. Test readiness Report
Here you can review all the tests that you have taken

3. Objective readiness Report
You can also track your progress based on each exam objective. for instance in quants you can check how are you performing in algebra,aritmetic, geometry etc

in verbal you can check how you are performing in RC , SC or CR

You can also create your own test and then review your performance

Overall the features of the product are nice. If you are interested then go to as a reader of this blog you are entitled to a 10% discount (in addition to any existing sale) on any test preparation software from XtraDegree (use discount code ‘XDPREP' while shopping)

Enjoy your preparations.