Wednesday, May 7, 2014

subjects which lay the foundation of business knowledge

Any business schools carefully chooses the subjects it wants to deliver to its students as part of core courses. Hence this time i chose to write on the first term subjects at IIM Lucknow for IPMX students. This subjects lay the foundation of business knowledge. My second article is live on Financial Times mba blog
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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Have you wondered what is the definition of PROBLEM?

Whenever a issue comes or something crops up that we cannot solve, then we say that there is a problem. But have you tried to define problem?

My defintion : A problem is something that causes obstruction in our normal routine or line of thinking

But according to Professor Mahesh Sharma ( founder and President of the Center for Teaching/Learning of Mathematics, Inc., of Wellesley and Framingham, Massachusetts, and Berkshire Mathematics in England ) who addressed us on "creative thinking and problem solving" the definition is : " Problem is a gap between vision and current reality'.

This is a simple definition that is no doubt precisely correct. We either adjust our vision or current reality to solve the problem.  Continuing his insights he then next explained us about 5 different styles of thinking

  • Analyst - Compare correctness, meticulousness, and consideration to detail with fullness.  They are likely to collect data, measure it, classify it, and reasonably and logically calculate the right answer to any problem.
  • Realist - Go by history and tradition
  • Pragmatist - looking for end all time. Guided by vision
  • Idealist - Guided by principles. Determined by history and tradition. Views from the system he belongs to
  • Synthesist -  talk to several people and make decisions.
It is very important that as managers we have right balance of above thinkers. It is also important to retrospect ourself and see where we are. This was another great insightful talk for all of us.