Sunday, December 22, 2013

Here i come IPMX (2014-15 batch)

A new phase is going to start soon. After not being able to accept offers from SPJain, IIM I , i have finally made up my mind to join prestigious IPMX (2014-15 batch).

Now the biggest challenges start. Getting into a course has its challenges, while next challenges are during the course of period from coming to know about good news and joining the class.

Listing some of them now

  1. Managing Finances
  2. Personal Commitments
  3. Existing Office Work
  4. Planning Next one year, since there will no salary.
  5. Pre Course to upgrade some of the difficult skills
  6. Challenges of leaves, loans, talking to different stakeholders at office and home
  7. Most important is to keep myself organized and execute all task properly

My mind is boggling with resolutions to solve the big checklist that i have.  Hoping to close them soon

Here are some details of the course

Executive MBA (IPMX), one-year residential executive programme is conducted at the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow-NOIDA Campus. The International Programme in Management for Executives is designed for mid/senior level professionals, to prepare them for leadership roles. The programme is designed to develop business education that is grounded in the Indian and international business environment. It will accelerate understanding of business at functional and strategic levels, and prepare students to manage enterprises engaged in global business. The curriculum would focus on a strategic understanding of business, rooted in practical skill development through action learning projects and industry interface. A core component of the programme is an international module at one of our partner institutes located in Europe/East Asia which will provide students the opportunity for an International learning experience to equip them with the knowledge and perspective relevant to current global business issues. The programme would be rigorous as well as rewarding as it would provide ample opportunity for personal development and professional growth through inquiry and insight in an interactive learning environment. NOIDA being the hub of commercial and industrial activity, the locational advantage of the NOIDA Campus would also extend to the learning process where industry related assignments and real management contexts form an integral part of the course curriculum. The delivery is oriented towards best practices, an integrated strategic perspective, project work and constant engagement with industry. The Corporate Interaction Centre of the Institute would facilitate in providing placement services for non-sponsored students.