Saturday, November 13, 2010

ISB Phone Counselling - focus on Non GMAT aspects of the application

My discussion with ISB folks for my candidature was good. The outcome of meeting was that i was positive on the thoughts of my candidature with a B school. But my low gmat score though as per ISB discussions is not a hurdle if i have a strong resume...

Before this discussions i had multiple discussion with alumnis and adcoms. None of them was so optrimistic after hearing my GMAT score as the folk from ISB with whom i was speaking with his. His point was that my strong work exp is my strength and i should use it to the fullest rather than feeling lost/bad because of low GMAT score...

I would like to thank him for being so optimistic but frankly 640 with non IIT CS degree is no where probably i can reach for a ISB i/v call. It is not that i have not tried with the same score. I did but no calls i got.

Only driving point me was that Rs 1000 is not a big deal for spending on the application, but my concern is on the amt of time that needs to be spent on essays and app as a whole. this will impact my present shaby gmat preps more.

So i have dropped my plans of applying with 640. One thing with which our talks concluded was that " perform your best. With expectations do not spoil health"


  1. Haaa hahaha haaa...i like the last sentence..well said :)

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