Sunday, January 26, 2014

XLRI GMP Class of 2014 - Interview experience

Dear Readers, i thought of sharing this experience. though i could not make it, hope this experience helps the folks who are preparing for XLRI GMP interview this year.

After the interview i felt that my GK(general knowledge) sucks
There were three professors and all the questions were different..

I was asked to give a intro about myself and the role that i play from the time i started my career(career progression in 2 lines). then the general question Why GMP and what post GMP. then my bad time started

i explained. They i was asked to name the crisis. i could not recollect , took some time to think and it immediately flashed. I answered it and then i was asked why was it given that name. I could not answer it and they professions asked me that i mentioned(claimed) to read newspaper
  • I was given a case study and asked how it will be conflict of interest and how i will handle it. I explained well

  • i am from goa. So i was asked about its history. I recollected and answered it. But i never knew that it had a ancient name. i could not answer it

  • They tested my knowledge about Indian finances.   
 I was asked me to explain whatever i knew about Indian finances. I explained them, starting from 1990. There was some cross questioning. But the professors had  no visible response on their faces.

  • I am in US, so i was asked about the US history.
 I Explained it well and gave some background on the US constitution formation. But i could not answer the governor of the state that i stay. Also i could not explain them the terms that they were looking for difference between US and Indian government

  • i was asked to explain on how Google search works. I explained them with an example. Lot of cross questioning. Then i was asked to name the google algorithm. I could not tell them the name. They seemed to be upset and asked me if i knew any other search algorithm. I told them that i knew about binary, linear etc algorithms but the ones used by the research companies are much advanced version

  • I was asked to explain the meaning of secularism. i explained the whole story. The professor summarized it in hindi words. And i acknowledge he was correct.

Overall the interview lasted for 20 - 25 minutes. I apologized wherever i could not answer. Also i used the word basically while answering. One professor pulled my leg and the reason for it. I apologized for it.
At the end. hats to the prof and institute. My dream looks difficult to fulfill.
Only some karishma (magic) can save me

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