Monday, January 25, 2016

A fantastic individual i met

I had a roomie who used to shout vociferously every time he saw any games especially cricket. He also used to yell a lot of other interesting stuff but folks around him usually got annoyed. But he had big proportion of people who thought he was fantastic. He was famous with the name “Fantastico”. Detractors perverted fantastico and called him ‘sarcastico’. But fantastico was in demand when we needed a strong cheer leader and some inspirational talks. Lot of juniors saw him as a fantastic person and consulted him since they were inspired by him.

Being his roommate, I always observed him very closely. Here are some observation which set him apart from us
  • He believed in himself: To make others think you are fantastic you need to accept as true that you are fantastic. If you have little self-confidence it is doubtful that you will be able to be fantastic anytime.
  • He was fantastic to others: If you serve others and put them first, everyone will start to notice you 
  • Be exciting: One thing that sets fantastic people apart is the fact they are great to talk to and are always around. A good way to do this is to meet people while they are walking around your office or college environment and show great excitement while waving your arms around.
  • Smile and be confident. If you don't feel happy or confident, fake it 'till you make it!
  • Live and breathe being fantastic. Do not ever stop. Anyone can pretend to be fantastic for some of days, but real fantastic person behaves the same way irrespective of any problem he/she faces.
Shortly after we passed out of school, I stopped hearing him yell. But Fantastico was a fantastic person and I was more curious about him then was needed. As we were leaving the hostel, I saw him talking to his image in the mirror. He was terrible and murmuring.

I stood unsure of next step. As my friends came by my thought process got deviated. Later I never bothered to find out what was going on his life. After few months passed, I heard that my roommate had had tried to kill himself, and someone had admitted him to the nearby Government hospital.
I was feeling guilty of ignoring him that day. I was unhappy and rather than visiting hospital, I decided to move on. As time passed, I grew older and was working in a industry. The stress had captured me and I did not want to disturb my family with my problems. Hence, I contacted a counsellor. When I went to meet him, he smiled and said hi. Wow ! It was my school room-mate Fantastico. I was shocked and happy. Two emotions when they mix, it is difficult to decide which one to show.

We talked for long on how he had moved on from the last day of schhol with the help of a counselor who not only helped him with his further studies but also helped him get a good job. He also showed me his family pictures. I was happy and the guilt sitting hidden inside me was done. I was happy, and with the help of my room-mate, I recovered enough to distress myself.
Fantastico and i live in same city, and often, especially during college gatherings and frequent cricket matches. I hear frequent yelling, “Shut up!Fantastico”! or “Come on!Fantastico”

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