Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yellow Belt or Green Belt or Black Belt

First question is what are this belts..Well if anybody made a guess that these are differnet level in judo or karate(hopefully i am referring to the correct sport), then you are completely wrong. Well this belts signify the different levels in a six sigma projects..

There might be very few people who will be aware of yellow belt(YB) in six sigma. Well this acts as a prerequiste in some organisations for completely a Green Belt(GB)certification. The advantage is you complete a project before hand with a substantial ROI saving and get exposure to basics of six sigma

Now a days rather than six sigma people used the name as lean six sigma. it is nothing but a composite of lean and six sigma concepts. ASQ(the standard body for giving six sima certification) does not have a concept of YB and exams are simpler compared to internal GB exams done my many companies

Will share in my next post some of my key understandings and material for clearing a GB exam

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