Sunday, June 7, 2009

My MBA pursuit

My MBA pursuit has been going on since last year. Due to low GMAT score i could not get calls from any indian colleges which i applied(ISB,IIMC).
On doing more research i came across GLIM(great lakes institute of management) , set up by uncle bala. This has been one of the fastest growing one year MBA colleges in india . Luckily i got a call , i had good PI and GD , but could not convert it. This call gave me a exposure to interview and some moral boost, but it also thought a hard lesson and important lesson :"GMAT score matters a lot".

Most of the schools want to maintain a good mean , median GMAT score of incoming batch, so a person with low GMAT score has very less chance. Well i come from a very generic pool of IT guys so profile also does not help. Most of the guy who get admitted with low GMAT score(>640) are from non IT backgrounds and they have some unique achievements.

As i was about to get started my preparation for GMAT again, IIM I announced its admission for one year program. Though this is a first year program the IIM brand matters a lot. I did not want to waste my 3k bugs for the application as i was not sure of getting a interview call ( i feel application of low GMAT scorers are just glanced and not read properly).
When last 3 days were left for closing the IIMI application, i completed the application in a day and sent it across to the organisation. Well it was a gamble which i made , just to avoid the feeling of me not getting selected because i did not apply(I did not apply to XLRI With my GMAT score, but latter i came to know that people having GMAT score and profile similar to me have got i/v calls. But not sure about the converts).

I do not even remember in a hurry what i had written. On the day of the my birthday, a friend calls me and informs that he is got selected for IIMI i/v and asks me also to check it. After some hesitation i called IIMI and they said i was shortlisted for the interview.

It was a great shock and happiness of some extent , that i got a call from a prestigious institute. Coming friday is my interview and my irony is that i do not recollect what i have written in my application essasy.

Though i feel, i have a very less chance of making it, at some corner of my heart i feel how great it would be if i can make it.

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