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Vitamin E for Dummies

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Table of Contents : Vitamin E for dummies

  1. Introduction

    • About this book

    • Conventions used in the book

    • Foolish Assumptions 

    • How this book is organized 
  2. Part 1 - Getting Started

    • Chapter 1 - Why Vitamin E became part of my life

    • Chapter 2- Benefits of Vitamin E

    • Chapter 3 - External Resources


Congratulations! You're ready to discover the easiest-to-read Vitamin E book. With Vitamin E For Dummies, you can ferret out just a little or a lot. And with Vitamin E, you can spread a little gyan that picks a random surprise look from your friend, or you can write a set of recommendations to your friends who need help.

This book is for you whether you're a student, you're a hobbyist, you need to understand more about what your colleagues are talking about, or you're taking the first steps on a new discovery to understand a important component called 'Vitamin E'.

Vitamin E For Dummies tries to give you everything you need to get to an beginner level
of knowing about Vitamin E. If you have reference to other resources so you can take the understanding of Vitamin E benefits even further then comment in the below comments.

About This Book

Vitamin E For Dummies is a reference book, which means you can read it in any order, and you don't have to read every chapter or section. You can also look in the index to find a something you want to know more about.

Conventions Used in This Book

No convention used.

Foolish Assumptions

We make the following assumptions about readers of this book
  - You want to know more about Vitamin E
  - You do not mind browsing through the blogs
  - You will leave your comment below after reading the blog
  - You know how to navigate a blog page

How this book is organized

It is short book. So i will not bore you with details. Table of content is short and crisp

Part 1 - Getting Started

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Chapter 1 - Why Vitamin E became part of my life


Myself : As a kid i had lot of problems with dandruff.  This problem stopped me from wearing favorite black color shirts . My friends also misbehaved and it was impacting my confidence a lot. But apart from this external troubles,  itching caused by the dandruff was more painful. I was making a fool of myself.  The doctor we consulted tried lot of medicines.  But the most effective solution was Vitamin E oil that helped reduced the itching and scaling a lot. Though the problem of dandruff has reduced a lot since then but i can never forget the moment when i stopped scratching my scalp in public places with the help of this oil.   You will always find this oil in my kit and my family knows the important help this oil has provided me till date


Family:I have been very close to my grandfather. But when he started aging he had the problem of forgetting and loss of vision. In his last year, he had even hard time remembering who i was. Doctors called it Alzheimer disease. When my grandmother died she also had  a similar problem. But it never bothered me since i was small. But my parents had become strong with this experience of grandmother. So when i got impacted due to my grand father illness my dad controlled me and used to tell me his learning's from the past. We could not help much but i was at-least getting consoled. So when i heard that Vitamin E can slow down progression of Alzheimer disease, i had a heartful satisfaction that many children in this world will hopefully not have go through the pain of loosing their close family member due to Alzeimer disease.




Chapter 2- Benefits of Vitamin E

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 According to the "The Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)" the requirement of Vitamin E for all of us depends on which stage of life we are in as given below :

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Despite being present in many natural foods such as almonds, spinach, sweet potato, palm oil etc Vitamin E Market has many additional supplements like Evion Supplements #Evion since it has antioxidant properties that are supposed to prevent or treat disease. Other benefits of Vitamin E are

  • Healthy input of vitamin E can reduced neurological disorder since it has antioxidant and neuro-protective effects.
  • Some websites suggests that Vitamin E helps the body when taken with the food rather than when you are hungry or no food is there in the body
  • You can try food like spinach or any other natural food along with vitamin E. But studies suggest that nonliving iron should not be taken with vitamin E  
  • Other known benefits as claimed by are :
  •     Acts as a Conditioner for hair and skin
  •     Converses Early Skin spoiling
  •     Solve Sunburn problems
  •     Helps in reducing the intensity of Dark Spots
  •     Acts As A Scrubbing Agent
  •     Rebuilds Dry Fingernails
  •     Cures marks caused due to Stretch
  •     Reduces the suffering from cold pain
  •     Helps in growing hair follicles thereby ensuring your skull has natural protection of hair
  •     Prevents earlier onset of white hair
  •     Helps in keeping the hair Radiant and healthy
  •     Reduces Split Ends in the hair giving a healthy hair
  •     Helps in curing marks created on body due to Burns
  •     Reduces the color of body scratches
  •     Can act a potential protection against cancer caused to skin
  •     Problems created by Bad Cholesterol is reduced
  •     Helps in curing the problems of Cystic Fibrosis that occur in kids

Chapter 3- External Resources

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Intake of Vitamin E has been suggested to help develop brain and improve cognitive capacity of users. This section is an attempt for you to further develop your brain by increasing knowledge of vitamin E using the multitude of research available in this milky way. This is just a small set of articles that i liked

WHAT IS YOUR STORY OF VITAMIN E. Would love to hear it out?

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