Sunday, July 11, 2010

Building Profile of an Indian IT professional

Given the boom in Indian market, there has a lot of attrition happening. People have different reasons for resigning. Some reasons are
better pay
better job profile
transfer to diff location
unhappy with work location
office is very far etc.
This are the excuses i have heard till now

Due to attrition the HR team has become active and lot of attrition metrics are being circulated. Each of the leads have been asked to reduce the attrition. Most of the time i have found myself bound by policies and could not avoid the resignation cases. Last week a strange case. A resource of mine came to me saying that since he is not able to build his profile for an MBA so he wants to quit the job.

I could relate this guys problem to my MBA aspirations and could understand his frustration. Well what is actually a profile. let me list down my responsibilities other than coding which i will highlight in my MBA application.

- six sigma mentor(process)
- internal auditor(process)
- editor of an internal magazine(marketing)
- project manager(Management)
- part of presales team(sales)

i have just been in IT industry for 6+ years and trying for a good GMAT score. irrespective of whatever profile i have, i feel what matters the most his how different he/she is and a GMAT score(700+) to make an entry.

The guy who put down his papers has spent around 3.5 years in IT industry and wants a role of BRM or BA. BRM without an MBA is almost impossible. Whereas a BA role might be possible but i doubt how far exposure it can give to a 3.5 years resource when today most companies are hiring MBA grads for a BA role

Honing an MBA degree is a dream but if we can built an ideal profile for an MBA without it(there are some pre MBA course such as CABM which ISB says is enough to get a i/v call) then why people shd do an MBA. after all bill gates has done it without an MBA

The topic of whether an MBA/profile is a must can be debated a lot. coming back to the main issue, I gave the resource all the options that i could. Finally we have decided to release him from my project so that he can explore other options within my company

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