Friday, July 9, 2010

SPJIMR - 11 Months Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM)

About the Programme

Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM) is an eleven month, full-time, residential programme. The mission of the programme is to create and nurture value-based future leaders taking on higher management roles in transforming organizations.

SPJIMR perceived the need of the industry for thought leaders in middle level management and successfully endeavoured to create the PGPM course. The programme which is in its sixth year, has challenged the paradigm of conventional part time courses for working executives values and ethics.

The unique aspect of the programme is the focus on the specific Role and Domain that the participant is interested to pursue. The customized approach ensures

A) Contextually specific role and domain focus
B) Functionally integrated teaching-learning process

Positioning and Philosophy

The course caters to specific industry requirements as it combines domain focused expertise with a general management perspective.

The programme has a unique model of combining the Six Week ALP (Application of Learning Program) with a comprehensive research paper which gives the participant a holistic approach towards contemporary business environment.

Industry Need

The rapid growth of business has thrown open the need for a very large number of middle level and senior level management professionals in most companies. They are required to have a general management perspective with focused domain expertise on the businesses they serve. The current demand for such professionals is expected to far exceed the availability. Internal promotions within the organization alone will not be sufficient to feed this demand.

Participant Need

The PGPM programme is best suited for working professionals to add value to their careers in a short time. It provides a great opportunity to those participants who want to rejoin the industry quickly at higher remunerations. The programme is rigorous, challenging and intense. The programme encourages learning beyond classroom discussions and the intense process prepares participants to analyze situations quickly and apply skills to real business situations. One learns to combine one's industry expertise with the fundamentals of management that one is exposed to over the year. Successful leaders and entrepreneurs regularly visit the campus to provide their perspectives on the ever-changing dynamics of the industry.

The SPJIMR Advantage

SPJIMR is not affiliated to any university and is completely autonomous. This status has given the institute the ability to utilize academic freedom to develop trend-setting educational programmes and pedagogic processes with long-term benefits for all stakeholders. SPJIMR also has entrepreneurial agility that has made it the only self-financed institute to be among the top ten in the country.

The guiding philosophy of SPJIMR is influencing practice, here and now and promoting value based growth. The Institute has an enviable track record of recognizing the needs of the society and quickly and aptly responding by offering high quality relevant programmes. And, to cap it all, SPJIMR has the advantage of being in Mumbai, the commercial capital of the country.


PGPM is an 11 months full-time residential programme with six months online learning as a pre foundation before joining the course.


Minimum 3 years of bachelor's degree in any discipline from a recognized university in India or abroad.

More details about the school @
Work experience of minimum 5 years after graduation.

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