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XLRI - One Year General Management Programme For Working Executives

One - Year General Management Programme For Working Executives

Knowledge and continuous learning is the mainstay amongst the best organizations of today. In order to satisfy this thirst for knowledge and to become a learning organization, XLRI has evolved a one year consolidated programme in general management with the objectives of providing the practicing managers a substantial exposure to theoretical foundations in management as well as to provide them a holistic perspective of business in such a way that they are not only equipped with tools and techniques to perform their task effectively but also to shoulder greater responsibilities in the future as they move up the hierarchy.

The institute awards the Executive Postgraduate Diploma in General Management to the participants who successfully complete all the requirements of this programme.


The programme consists of Core & Optional/Elective courses specially designed for fast track executives with work experience. They provide the essentials of management education with the flexibility of individual exploration in their chosen area of interest. The entire programme spans for more than 1000 contact hours in class spread over one year.

The programme starts with induction for initiating the participants with XLRI’s culture and refreshing the fundamentals for better appreciation of the courses to follow.

Thereafter the participants undergo the core courses as building blocks essential for management education. Currently the core courses are categorized into seven major areas, Finance & Accounts, Marketing, Production & Operation, Information Systems, Human Resource Management & Organizational Behaviour, Economics, and Strategy, providing not only the essentials of management but also the core functional skills. About 500 contact hours are devoted to the core courses.

Successful completion of the core courses paves the way for the elective courses, chosen by the participants, helping them to further their areas of interest. Our effort has always been to provide a wide range of electives with a cutting edge focus in areas of relevance in grooming tomorrow’s business leaders. These are organized into six functional areas of Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human Resource management, Information Systems and Economics or Economics-Strategic Management. Each areas has six electives. In the third and fourth term students are allowed to choose electives from a list of offered electives. A minimum number of participants should opt for a specific elective to be offered.

The courses, both core and optional, are continuously restructured to make them contemporary to the changing scenario in management education.

The programme incorporates a group project which will be based on live problems from the industry and involves an important part of the learning process.

International Exposure

International exposure is a two weeks international cross cultural project which exposes the participants to international perspective of business, so that the participants can effectively function in an environment different from their “home culture”. It is designed to prepare the participants to take on challenges anywhere in the globalized world.

Academic Evaluation System

The institute's evaluation system is designed to continually assess the students' performance in relation to the required standards of academic achievement. Apart from examinations, a student's performance is assessed on the basis of class participation, preparation of periodic assignments, mid-term tests and quizzes. As specified in the Manual of Policies, the institute expects a minimum for the award of the diploma.


Each participant in this programme will be charged Rs 11.395 lakhs ( or equivalent US $) which will include tuition fees and other academic necessities, and expenses for lodging and international exposure. Along with the fees the participant will be required to deposit an additional refundable amount of Rs. 40,000/-. The above fees are payable in four installments at the beginning of each term. First installment is Rs. 4,24,500/- (including refundable deposits) second installment is Rs. 2,80,000/- third installment is Rs. 2,65,000/- and the fourth installment is Rs. 2,10,000/- . In addition, they will have to bear the expenses for food, electricity etc., any other expenses of personal nature during their stay in the campus. Those who want to avail the Family Quarters will have to pay an additional amount of Rs 60,000 (Rupees Sixty Thousand Only) with the first installment.

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