Thursday, September 9, 2010

Discussions with EPGP(IIMB) Student

The person with whom i talked has 10 years banking experience. He was aiming only at IIMA one year program but then later decided to apply to IIMB. His main reason for preferring IIM one year programs is that candidates in this programs have substantial work ex(>6)

1.Avg of present students is around 10.5 years
2.there are some student with 640. One of them has a literature background and another is defense person
3.15-20% of students are on sabbatical
4.there is a comprehensive work project where students can work on live projects

Here sometimes the are combined with 2 years program student(PGP). But one year get less time to spend. for instance PGP student get 10 weeks whereas as EPGP will only get 5 weeks.

Career growth(Diagonally opposite)
if EPGP students want to change their profile then they will have to compromise their work experience. for instance a guy with 8-9 years work ex will have to compromise 5 years to get into consultancy industries

More details about this program can be found @

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