Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Response from Adcom of Johnson School at Cornell University

Thanks for your email. Your GMAT score is in the bottom 10% of our class profile. Our average GMAT of a matriculating student is 700. Only you can make the final decision of whether you will apply; however, if you do, I would highly recommend retaking your GMAT so that your application is as strong and competitive for consideration.


  1. Ouch! Was there more to that email? Seems a little rude...

  2. What was your GMAT score?

    Although it may sound harsh, I'd rather they be straightforward, than deliver directionless rhetoric from their websites. I've been on a lot of webinars, fairs, and adcoms tend to sound the same everywhere everytime and when they do that, its hardly useful.

  3. @Richard : the full contents of the email is pasted here

    @Curious : i got a 640

    Well this reply has upset me so much that i have dropped my plans of going to the mbafair

  4. I got the same reply .. i replied back asking that if this is the only feedback then i guess my other parts of application are excellent and adcom has nothing else to add on that front.

    No replies from them :)

    nice blog .. will be keeping an eye .. keep writing.

  5. @Amar
    Cornell is a Ivy League school. There is no surprise in their mail.

    You wont trust me , what Stanford prof said abt 710 score of mine!!

    better we get 770 like Abhay or DanaJ and put our resume to their faces..Atleast they wont sneeze it off after cing ours!!