Saturday, September 18, 2010

ivey - change from IT to consulting

i Had written an email to ivey school student ambassadors asking if change of industry is possible. Below is the response

"Ivey can for sure help you move towards the consuting industry. In fact, very few students who go into the consulting industry following their MBA actually come from a consulting background. A lot of them are from an engineering or IT background, to name a few.
That said, consultancy firms recruit on campus and hold information sessions so you would definitely have the chance to explore the option."

In another post of mine of Ivey school, an ivey alumni said that getting a job with low GMAT score is tough..So i am confused now. I have sent an email to student ambassador to confirm if low score hampers job chances

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  1. Amar, What the general known fact is that if anyone plans to get into consulting or Investment banking post MBA, the GMAT score is very important since employers look at that. For employment in other sectors GMAT scores may not be that important.