Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MBATour Experience - International Applicants Getting job in US is becoming difficult

After lot of confusions i finally attended the mbatour in mumbai on 25th Sep. This was first visit to an mba fair and second trip to mumbai. First trip to mumbai was for SPJain interview

I put my journey experience here http://amarnaik.wordpress.com/2010/09/28/namma-chennai-to-amchi-mumbai/

Reached an hour late to the fair. After completing all the checking formalities of taj hotel i was in the main hall where the reception of mba tour was giving id cards to all the participants. it was a big crowd and all the auditoriums were full packed for all the session.

i attended the mba sessions of cornell and HEC

-she talked about the programs offered by the school
-cornell discourages students with previous mba apply until they have exceptional reason to do so. for instance different specialisation etc
-she mentioned that getting job is getting tough for international students. but still stdudents are getting jobs.each student should have Plan B
-they have immersion with practical. this is not same as internsip but it gives an option to network with companies
-in 2nd year you can take one specialisation outside cornell school
-located outside NY state and hence affordable cost of living

HEC Paris
there average has increased to 690.there have 2 intakes in a year.
talked to Pierrette DOZ-PERDRIX. not encouraging for my profile as their average is 690
if anybody gets admitted to HEC and has some time remaining before joining then it is advisable to complete the basic french course

i talked to some other schools during the fair

Hult Business school
they were pretty much impressed my profile and score. i was surprised...
they have scheduled a discussion next week with me

London Business school
they told me that with my score it will be tough to get in..took their brochure and just walked

Queens Business school
this school does not have a application fee..researching more on this school now

IE business school
the adcom was telling that 650 with a work ex should be ideal to apply. When i told her about the response that i got from the adcom by email she backtracked and told me that it might be because my resume was not strong. i told her that i never sent my resume. so she asked me to resend my resume

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
the adcom from this school was taking more time and explaining in detail abt his school. saw a wharton admitted student talking to the adcom if he an try to broker a student exchange program.not sure what happened next..
this school does not get much visiting from other schools rather they get people from industry to teach.
batch size is 90. 11 indian students joined the last batch

other schools i was not much interested.there was some thing in my mind which was saying do not compromise on schools .took the brochure of lot of schools and came home :)

mbatour scholarship:once u get an admit to a school that u have visited in the fair,the school can recommend ur name for this scholarship

if u guys need any information email me..i will be happy to help

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