Saturday, October 16, 2010

Battle of GMAT starts

Officially i have started my gmat preps today. Attended the first class of knewton was for 3 hours. it was draining but quite interesting and lively.

My diagnostic score of knewton is 620 and i am aspiring for 700. :)
Need to work hard to achieve my goal. .

My pre assessment of quant concepts was bad. Got lot of questions wrong... But good thing is that i completed my pre-assessment before the class.

Also I am compiling the list of material apart from knewton.As of now i have got BTG 750 questions,grammar book from gmatclub. Also i have taken the grockit membership so that i can practice more...Any suggestions on the material??i know to much reading without quality does not serve the purpose

My takeaways from today's class are many. the most important being
1. How to compare 2 fractions
2. a proportion problem which was solved after all the ration were simplified and then all numbers added

Next week will be the SC class
Time to go to bed now..Will complete the homework tomorrow

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