Sunday, October 31, 2010

Beat The GMAT in a festive mood again - new BTG Practice Questions

Oh my GOD!!!! BTG is on the roll....When you get one gift, did u ever felt how if i get another gift? A gift that is more than worth the money and designed by experts..if not then start doing so..You will ask WHY?

The reason is simple. Beat the GMAT is launching new Beat The GMAT Practice Questions. Some People who are reading my blog must be aware of BTG. others you can explore the wonderful BTG community by clicking below
Visit beatthegmatcom!

The product will be launched on Tuesday, November 2, 2010. I am one of the few people who got a chance to review this product before its launch. Being a Knewton student i am used to such detailed explanations from expert's that when i read answers on forum, i always think can an expert explain me. With so much data available on the internet and abundant comment for each questions, it becomes difficult to pick the right advice/approach for a given Question

BTG product is designed with a user friendly GUI and an expert explanation in an video. What else? You just need a PC with net connection and account for accessing this 700 Q.

This questions have supplemented my preps. At my convenience i can answer the questions and check the explanation. I will definitely recommend to all the fellow GMAT aspirants to try this product. if you do not like then there is a money back guarantee too...Below are some screen shots to give you a feel of the look

Some key features of the product:

* More than 700 GMAT math/verbal practice questions
* Every GMAT practice question features a video explanation for the given question, written/produced by a veteran GMAT instructor
* Completely online practice - study at work or at home, without carrying books around
* Ability to customize your prep based on subject area, with just a few clicks
* Performance reporting to identify your strengths, weaknesses on GMAT subject areas
* Adaptive practice algorithm that mimics the real GMAT -- the better you do, the harder the questions become in your practice session
* 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee if you're not satisfied

Price: $99 for 1 year of access

Doesn't work for Internet Explorer 6 or Internet Explorer 7 browsers: We require Internet Explorer 8 or above. Or Firefox, Safari, Chrome browsers

Do not miss the golden opportunity. Hurry go to Practice beatthegmat Questions !


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