Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Phone interview - Hult International Business School

I had a telephonic interview today done by adcom from Hult International Business School. I was interviewed by "Gopikiran Gajula" who is the Associate Director Recruiting and Marketing of Hult B school

The aim of this interview was to get to know more about me. It all started with greetings. Then below questions were asked

Can u summarize about urself
What is your score of 10,12, Engineering GMAT
Extracurricular activities
Challenges faced in job
Challenges faced in team management
My strengths and weakness
Achievement in job
Why MBA at this point of the career
Achievements While in school
What is the next 10 years plan
Why Hult

Now it was my turn. i asked the below questions
1. Which campus of Hult is better
He said all campus are same. Choose based on the location you want to work post-mba. boston is overcrowded so people would have to adjust once seats are assigned

2. Do the same faculty teach in all campus
one faculty takes lecture in 2 centers. china facility is going to be the full time centre

3. What about consulting company recruitment
He shares the history that Arthur D. Little Inc., the world's oldest management consulting firm, established the School. Curriculum and post mba success stories are good for consulting aspirants

Final Response

It was nice talking to you about your admissions for the MBA program at Hult. I feel confident about your candidature for the MBA program starting September 2011.
As discussed, I strongly recommend submitting your application wee before the October 31, 2010 to meet the first application deadline for the 2011 intake.

MBA Scholars Award deadline: Sunday, October 31, 2010

This deadline allows you to benefit from your choice of campus location and enhanced financial aid support through the school. Hult’s Admission Board will only consider candidates who submit their application on time.


  1. Hi Dude,

    Did you decide to join Hult. Please let me know, even I had an interview with Hult. My mail ID is jnaneshms@gmail.com

  2. Hey, I just found your blig while doing a google search of Hult admission stats. I too have a low gmat score. Mind if I ask what type of work experience you have? And and how long?


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