Monday, October 18, 2010

ISB - Phone Counseling with Senior Management

i got this email today from ISB. if anyone of you are interested than you can utilize this services of ISB(Indian School of Business)

We are pleased to inform that ISB has setup hotlines for Priority Counseling and Pre-Application Assessment sessions during the month of October & November. Considering the second deadline for submitting your application is on 30th of November, we have setup these dedicated hotlines for you to talk over the phone and get counseled by the senior management from Admissions Department and Career Advancement Services Department at the ISB.

The Priority Counseling service is aimed at people who are interested in the ISB’s PGP but have not started their application process. This is a phone in service where you will be given a fixed phone appointment to clarify all your doubts.

The Pre Application Assessment service is available for those already engaged in the application process. This service will help them understand the gaps in their application before they actually hit submit. This is also a phone in service where you will be given a fixed phone appointment.

To avail either of the above service, please write in to with subject: Priority Counseling / Pre-Application Assessment along with your name, email id and mobile number. We will then inform you of the date and time slot for the phone in appointment with the senior management.


  1. Thanks a lot for this information. I have been wanting to get a hold of ISB personnel to clarify doubts in my application form.