Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 1 ends with a movie

it is a nice weather in chennai today. it rained overnight and the temp is down to 30 C.

The great news for me is that i have restarted my preps on a serious note this weekend. i am targeting the first week of august for my exam. my plans for exam started from may31st but today i feel is the actual day1(i devoted considerable time) .

what i did today related to GMAT?
solved 3 RC passages. solved some questions on BTG and from 1000 DS and PS.

apart from this i have started reading material online to increase my RC speed. i will post any material that i get to read everyday in my blog

I ended my first day by watching Raajneethi in the theatre. it is a thrilling and grippling movie to watch ""

Action plan for tomorrow
1. compete revision of 2 quant modules

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