Monday, June 7, 2010

Trying to keep up to the mark

Day 2
Got up at 7am with a good news that Nadal has won the french open

here was my today's schedule
7.30 - 9am worked out in the gym (preparing for the 28 aug marathon)
started to office by 9.30am
browsed BTG for some problems
came back home by 9.30pm(commuting to office takes almost 3 hours)
started reading for gmat at 10.30pm..
its is abt 1am IST now. will post the next update tomorrow

Task done
solved 20 problems from GMAT_Math tough problems posted by eric on BTG
solved around 20 problems(Quant+verbal) from BTG
Completed revising quants module on speed-time-distance(including boats in streams)

lessons learnt
-need to utilize my time more appropriately
-wasted a considerable amount of time reading abt why indian stock markets crashed today by 2%

Plan for tomorrow
quants module revision

BTW i have got jack higgins "The graveyard shift" novel. Planning to complete it in 5 days while traveling to office.

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