Friday, June 18, 2010

Heart has its reason which reason knows nothing of.

Words like ‘Heart’, ’Reasons’, ‘nothing’ etc can confuse the mind. They are all interesting but the key concept and word to focus is ‘Uncertainty’. When Abraham Lincoln said ‘Am I destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?’ he might have been in a confused state of mind or probably was uncertain about his actions.

Nevertheless, what does ‘Uncertainty’ mean? It is defined as ‘what you don’t know’. There are lots of reasons that might lead to ‘Uncertainity'. For example, something might be knowable but not by you Or not in the time frame you have to make a decision Or not at a cost you’re willing to bear Or not at all. ‘Risk’ is a word that describes how you feel about ‘Uncertainty’.

For instance, the Satyam fiasco; It can have various angles. But there are some individuals who are performing rituals or running signature campaign for supporting Mr. Raju. They do so because their heart has its own reasons to do so which might not be logical to the brain or for those who oppose him.

The heart senses what cannot be seen and thereby makes its decisions on what it feels and not on what the naked eyes see. Sometimes we are in a dilemma that requires a delicate sense of diplomacy to resolve in a moment of crisis. What should one follow, the head or the heart? It’s a dilemma for which we have no set answer and we usually follow our heart. Over time in history it has been proven again and again that human’s ultimate superiority lies in the logical thinking of the brain to make a final call.

A spiritual men will always tell that that there exists a bridge, a connector between emotion and intellect that combines the very best of both into an integrated whole. In addition, if you wish to communicate to god in moment of crisis, then in look in other areas of response. You might overhear a word that suggests a direction; you might see an image that indicates something. You might also discern within your body the difference between a simple “yes” – a strong response and a “no” – weak response. But all this is only a way of convincing our heart its reason which reason knows nothing of

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