Monday, June 14, 2010

picking the steam

oops i just realized that the blog name that i gave in my signature in BTG is wrong. Corrected it.

I Did not have a great weekend. Could not attend the training of my NGO due to professional engagements. Hopefully i can work them. looking forward to meet the students this academic year

lets me come back to gmat now. all eyes are set on my target G date. booked the dates for it. Now i want to forget the dates and concentrate on the preps.

i have been concentrating on solving more Questions.using BTG exclusively for the same.
the tips given by papgust r good

wanted to give a sample test on last weekend. i was afraid to do so. Not sure why, but one of the reason i felt is that i have not fully finished revising my basics.feeling it when i am solving Questions. This weeks focus will be it to complete my all the basics and take a test in the coming weekend

Here is another website for taking practice tests ""

Another update is that one of stdents from "Wharton Business School" as approached me for giving an interview to learn more about what GMAT prep students in India are looking for. looking forward for it in the comin weekend and return for the $15 Amazon Gift Card :)

Well that's it for today. in the next post i will give more updates about my profile

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