Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Strategy is defined as synergy between values and goals

I wrote this essay for Great Lakes Institute of management,Chennai,India

Strategy reminds me of Guardian article of US strategy on War against Terrorism. A country whose right said ‘America First’, has realized today that it does not work every time. A working Strategy at one time does not mean that it will work the next time. Camouflaging a strategy needs immense knowledge, which I wish to take from a general management education.

During my 5 years of work experience at various levels I had the opportunity to learn, develop and exhibit my leadership, coordination skills. In this globalized world with fierce competition all around, interaction with industry experts from across the globe is essential to broaden conceptual skills. At GLIM, I wish to broaden my horizon with a general education in Management through the new window of opportunity, by enhancing myself and equally hone my entrepreneurial potential. The most appealing about GLIM –“it values and supports individual differences and strives to create an environment that contributes to the success of both the individual and the organization”.

My goals for pursuing MBA
1. To develop my capacities and creative talents and enable them the growth
2. Understand the Industry requirement of a management graduate
3. Be a good citizen of society in aesthetic or applied pursuits
4. Learn through interaction with students who have a wide diversity of age, background, experience, interests and special needs

My Values in life are
1. To be thoughtful and caring stewards of the personal, physical and fiscal resources entrusted to us.
2. To practice social, environmental and community responsibility
3. Be a responsible and contributing citizen
4. To honor the contribution and worth of all individuals.
5. To avail a affordable cost of education

GLIM gives me
- Gurukul environment that fosters dynamic, accessible and supportive teaching and learning environment that prizes excellence and innovation and follows ethical standards
- To learn and develop under the mentorship of the noted academician, Dr. Bala Balachandran who is the founder of top class B-schools in India
- To learn the best features of the American management education with the Asian philosophy of business
- Flexibility of the program with option to choose particular course based on individual interests
- Integrated and interdisciplinary nature of the program that clubs together Academic Programs, Industry based Programs, Research and Consultancy.

These guiding principles would shape my personality and govern decision-making abilities

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