Friday, June 11, 2010

first weekend of preps

preps have been going on a little slower pace. to spend more time i am changing my work timings. This will help me in spending more time in the evening

Last two days i have completed revising my basics on
races-straight and circular
pipes and cistern,work and time

also i have solved one CR and SC module from kaplan verbal workbook. as of now i am only concentrating on getting my answers correct and not on the time.
apart from this whenever i find time i try to solve BTG forum questions

found an website "". This has some tests which can be used for practice.

this weekend is packed. got to attend the cambridge syllabulls training of 16 hours. i work for an NGO where i basis english to non-english speakers in the weekend. From this academic year we are implementing syllabuls of cambrdige hence all the volunteers are being trained. this is part of the teach india campaign. more details about my partipation can be found in

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