Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Not happy with my performance and time management

I have been trying to spend everyday 2 - 3hours for the preps. Most of the time i am solving questions on BTG and revising concepts. At the end of day before i go to bed i feel i have not done enough.

i feel i need to take a test to check my preps and alter my schedule. going to take a mgmat test tomorrow and see how i need to improve my performance.BTG 60-Day study Guide is really going to boost the preps

Apart from this papgust notes r good in revisin basics.

Got hold of one book in office today on SC "Better Sentence Writing in 30 minutes a day" by Dianna Campbell. It is really informative and i can sit in office and read if i find time

BTW by this weekend i will be the owner of Yamaha-FZS. in my previous posts i had talked abt my NGO. Well i got soem concession for not attending mandatory trainings. Will be trained in house for the same now

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