Sunday, August 29, 2010

B-School Despite the Odds Master Class - Part I

Dear Readers,
Below is the details of webinar that was conducted by kaneisha. I am going to publish it in parts. Enjoy reading and you can approach kaneisha(,
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Part I

School Choice

5 elements of choosing right mba program
• learn effectively what i need to learn to be successful in my career
• Schools academic are
o case methods heavy
o more lecture
o real word component

• Resources and characteristic that will help me be successful in my career
• Check school which focus on ur expertise and not on other areas

Happy living and learning for 2 years

Where i would get my money's worth

where i would from and enjoy being an alum

How to measure the Five Elements
• Read abt schools curriculum. Take notes of special classes, program etc relevant to ur carrier interests
• Sit on a class campus
• Ask current students and alumni about their academic experiences. Check through linkedin and other social media. Try to approach them and get help for essays. More in September seminar
• Learn about what professors are researching and pick your favorites. Check their ideas if it interest you

• How do u feel when u visit schools website? Not any feelings of exclusion, inclusion, excitement, anxiety etc. It matters as you are gong to spend 2 years here
• How do u like the student and alumni you meet from that school. Are they smoothy or competitive etc
• How much do you feel like you will fit in at the school? How much does fitting matter to you? There are some exceptional students and take different path
• How happy do u feel during your each visit. When u walk around the school are u getting bored or happy. It matters a lot


  1. What is your target school, the Ivey School of Business?

  2. i am exploring the list of B schools which can accept my gmat score and give me a good post mba placement and network.