Friday, August 6, 2010

Journey of Low GMATer

Fellow aspirants
i have renamed my blog to 'Journey of Low GMATer'. Initial name of my blog was 'Airforce MBA'. This name was inspired by the 'Airforce One' flight of US president.

My aspirations are high, but my GMAT score is low. Hence i felt the blog name does not justify the scores.

My well wishers and B-school's say that GMAT is only one of the criteria. But people who have got low score and applied to B schools realize the importance G score.

Whoever refers to my blog should know the story of a low gmater with a high aspiration. All the best to fellow aspirants


  1. Dude - I am in same (actually worse) situation. I too have high ambitions of going to Ivy league college for an MBA, but my GMAT is 600. You still have hopes with 640 I guess. Don't whine, be positive! There are people in worse situation than yours.

  2. @sachin- No hopes buddy. i am trying to find hope in B school's stmt "GMAT is only one of the parameter"