Wednesday, August 11, 2010

INSEAD Response

Thank you for your interest in INSEAD.

For starters, I should remind you that GMAT is one variable within the category of “academic achievement,” which itself is just one of four key admissions criteria. That is to say, a high score does not guarantee admission and a below average score does not eliminate candidates. Just so you know, there have been unsuccessful applicants with the full 800 score.
Thus, retaking the test or not is optional in your case seeing that 640 is not screamingly far below from our recommended range of 650 to 750. Fundamentally, it also depends on the overall strength of your profile and to some extent, the chances you are willing to take factoring in competition. I have to say this is really your decision to make.

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  1. Wow, this looked interesting. Did you give it a shot?