Wednesday, August 18, 2010

IE Business School Response

Got all the below responses from Managing Director,IE India & South Asia Office

1. I wanted to know the profile of current batch students(gmat,work ex). I am a MBA aspirant from india with 7 years work ex and 640 GMAT...
The average GMAT score of admitted students last year was 690 and the average work experience was around 5.7 years

2. Are the interviews for international candidates done over the phone
Yes, interviews are done over the phone or in person if admission staff is visiting your city

3. Can you please let me know the spread of GMAT score for which the applicants were admitted(i mean the highest and lowest GMAT)
The range of scores was roughly between 600-780

4. Can i get any guidance from faculty or students who can help me if i should apply given that i have a low GMAT Score
no, our faculty or students cannot help if you apply with a low score

5. Can you please let me know the GMAT range of Asian students. i heard that they are the most competitive pool
We do not have the averages specifically for Asian students

6. Atleast can i get a brief profile overview of students with less that 650. This will help me better, in making my decision
we do not have profiles just for students with GMAT scores of less than 650.


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