Saturday, August 21, 2010

Satisfied with Gurome free interaction

My interaction with Gurome consulting has been the best till now.
As usual the lady started with asking my work details. i gave 2 instance of my work which i feel were unique. Also i gave her instance of leadership at work(i feel i am good in it).

Apart from this i shared my international work ex and achievements.

then the focus shifted to non-work achievements. i shared my achievement in CSR and NGO. Then gave info about hobbies which are worth sharing :)
i remember another consultant asking me to list down all my hobbies..Some of them i feel are silly :)

then came the major bottleneck my MBA score.i told it.Now i do not feel so down telling my scores. Fact is GPA is 3.5
Next was my post MBA aspirations. I want to join Consulting.

Now it was my turn to ask Questions. I asked which colleges i can think of applying. She gave me a lsit of schools which she feels are worth applying. Tuck and Cornell being some of them. Her list has given me a direction to proceed with MBA search.

But one thing to note is that Gurome has a service where they evaluate your profile in more detail and suggest schools. Also they give info about school which cannot be found in google or in school website. She made a statement that the list of schools she gave me can change based on the detailed evaluation... mmm a business mind :)

She also advised about the process on how to get the recos and from whom to get. then she explained about the gurome packages for MBA Student.they charge rs 29K for 10 hrs. the time usage depends on individual writing abilities. This time can be utilized for getting mock interview and list of Questions.

She advised i should apply in R2 as most indians apply in R1 and majority of indians are with good scores. Some of my friends do not agree with it.

Overall my experience with GUROME consulting was satisfactory.I have just started following gurome on facebook and twitter. They frequently share some info about schools and GMAT. i am waiting to attend the World MBA tour on Sep 19 before deciding my next steps

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