Monday, August 9, 2010

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How come top B school which claims on their website that they accept B school with less score?
Did i ask a wrong Question? I know success is difficult but the reality is below..

I wanted your help to see if i can target any top 10 US B-school. I have a best gmat score of 640. I tried to improve it, but could not do it.
My goals after mba is to join a consulting firm.I have got 7 years of work experience. I have been working as a project manager for last 3 years.
I am not able to decide on which school to apply because of my low GMAT score

Dear Amar,

Thank you for your inquiry.

I hate to be discouraging, but if you cannot raise your GMAT score, you need to adjust your target schools. It is extremely unlikely that a top-10 US MBA program will admit you with a 640 GMAT. If you would like us to guide you in choosing alternative MBA programs, we would be happy to help you. You can learn more about our MBA admissions consulting services in our catalog. If you would like me to put you in touch with an experienced consultant, please let me know.


  1. Really , very strange . But I assume consultants always want to play safe and never wish to give high expectations although they will strive hard to achieve the expectations once their product is sold . :)
    Sorry if my view differ or hurt anyone, but again this is my opinion.

  2. The 80% range for top b-schools is 680-760. This means that 20% are either above 760 or below 680. Considering the quality of top b-schools, most of 10-15% would be above 760. This leaves 5-10% of the seats for those who have sub 680 scores. Which makes it extremely difficult - especially for an Indian IT guy. This is the bitter truth, but if you truly want to prove them wrong, killer essays, a solid career goal with strong achievements, progression and recommendations, could very well do the job. Good luck!