Tuesday, August 3, 2010

HEC -- Candidate Profile Response

below is the response from HEC for my profile. GMAT score is haunting :(:(

Thank you for the interest you have expressed in the HEC MBA Program and for having taken the time to submit your Candidate Profile. We have carefully examined the form you provided and would like to provide you a preliminary evaluation of your profile.

Like all leading MBA programs, HEC requires candidates to submit official GMAT scores. Our participants currently have an average score of around 680. Although the GMAT score is only one of the criteria taken into consideration when an application is evaluated, we feel that it could be in your interest to submit a higher GMAT score.

The HEC MBA Program is taught in English, with the option to do coursework in French. In order to succeed in this environment, candidates whose mother tongue is not English or those who do not hold a university degree from an English-speaking institution must show a minimum TOEFL score of 100 (ibt), a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 or a minimum TOIEC score of 850. In your case, it seems that the English language proficiency requirement may be waived; however, we cannot grant final confirmation of a waiver until we have received your completed application.

HEC MBA participants learn as much from each other as from our excellent faculty and high-profile guest speakers. Our class size of just 200 and our ideal program length allow our participants to benefit from the experience of their classmates, who represent over 50 different nationalities and have on average 6 years of professional experience. We believe that the professional experience outlined in your Candidate Profile would equip you to make a positive contribution to the HEC MBA learning experience.

Overall, we feel that you have potential to succeed in the HEC MBA Program. Hence, we encourage you to submit a stronger GMAT score and fill out our online application form http://www.etheryl.net/HEC/application/, so that we may more fully evaluate your application.

Once again, please understand that this evaluation is a recommendation and in no way represents a final decision concerning your application. Our selection process is a rigorous one, with the final decision taking all elements into consideration. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.

Although a 640 GMAT score is not automatically disqualifying, it's obviously quite below our participants average, which means that the rest of your file will have to show strong angles to 'compensate' this score ; these can be found in a solid work experience and international exposure, high responsabilities, academic and professional achievements, social activities, etc.
If you feel your profile to be weak in some of these areas, I would encourage you to retake your GMAT


  1. Don't let the numbers get you down! I had a 620 GMAT score and got into HBS! It can happen...

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  2. Kaneisha: thanks for the encouraging words..
    sometimes rejects due to numbers bogs me down a lot

  3. Hey, is this HEC Montreal or another one? I'm waiting on my reply for the intensive MBA program at the moment. How long did you wait before you got your reply?
    Furthermore, did you make it in?