Sunday, August 29, 2010

B-School Despite the Odds Master Class - Part II

Part II

• How much debt I am willing to take
• How much debt is the school asking me to take
• How likely I am able to payoff my debt in X years with this loan
• How much mileage I am getting out of my degree in relation to how much it cost me. Integration of cost and benefits. Obviously cost should be higher

• How large and active is the alumni community. Is it international or which geography(which u want be) they are located.
• What kind of benefits do alumni receive from the school
• How happy and satisfied are alumni from that school with the experience.
• How happy would I be to be a alum of that school

How best to Use the five elements
• Be honest with ur self
• Ask for advise – But remember who it is coming from
For ex HBS is advising to HBS but u do not then do not do it. Just know
where and wht u r applying to
• Research the school from a variety of resources
• Write down your thoughts and refer back to them

3 Conventional places to research MBA programs

3 Un-Conventional places to research MBA programs
 Google Blog Search
 Beat the GMAT blogger network
 Forum for MBA student and MBA applicants

How may schools to apply to
 Between 3 to 10
 Deciding factors
o Your chances of admission to your portfolio of schools
o The urgency of your going to school this year. Depending on your Age.if
u r young u can wait until to get to ur dream B school
o The amount of time you have
o The amount of money you are willing to spend

When to apply
 Round 1: for the super ready
 Round 2: for the ready and hopeful
 Round 3: only for top applicants who will standout and have a strong chance of admission (NOT RECOMMENDED)

Apply when u can put together ur best application

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