Friday, August 13, 2010

I am day dreaming : Discussion with Knewton

You: I am an Indian IT Male with 7 years of work ex. My work experience and extra curricular is good. I have tried multiple attempts on GMAT but failed all times. My last attempt just got me 6XX(in preps i was getting 6XX+). The best official GMAT score i have is 640 which i took in 2008.Being an indian IT engineer it puts me at a lot of disadvantage interms of score.lot of people say that indian's in most B school have the best scores. Can Knewton help me in any way to improve the score. appreciate any help. Please let me know incase you need any more details from me.
Nina: Hi Amar. Let me read through everything you wrote first.
You: ok
Nina: Okay, Amar. What is your target score?
You: i want to get 700+
Nina: Okay. What was your score breakdown in terms of quant and verbal?
You: do u want for the highest score or recent score?
Nina: both.
You: latest : Q-4X,V-2X
You: highest: Q-4X,V-3X
Nina: I see.
Nina: Have you taken any previous prep classes before?
You: i have taken some classes in india..but they r local institutes
Nina: I see, okay.
Nina: You sound like a great candidate for the Knewton course.
Nina: We can definitely help you boost your score.
Nina: When do you plan on taking the next GMAT?
You: i want to be confident before i plan my next test..
Nina: I completely understand.
You: also i have a full time hectic job
Nina: I see. Well, Knewton offers a lot of course schedules to fit your life.
You: ok
Nina: And if you happen to miss classes, you can always sit in on another class or watch on demand videos.
You: see i am located in india..
You: at present
Nina: I see.
You: what r my options?
You: r u there?
Nina: Hi, I am here.
Nina: If you are in India, it's still fine since all of our classes are online.
You: ok
You: do u feel i can target 700+ and what will the plan for it
Nina: Yes, I feel like you can get a 700+ with the right type of training.
You: how much time do i need to spend..because job + gmat is very exhaustive
Nina: I understand.
Nina: Well, how much time do you think you can put into studying each week?
You: 20-30 hours realisticly
Nina: Okay.
Nina: When do you want to apply to business school?
You: i want to target R2 for all major B schools
Nina: Okay.
Nina: You can be ready by then.
Nina: I definitely would recommend signing up for the course soon, then, so you can take advantage of this time that you have to prepare for it.
Nina: Since you have access to the course for a year, you can take the live classes as many times as you'd like.
You: how do i know i am ready to take the test....getting low score put a psychological barrier
Nina: I see.
Nina: You'll know when you're ready. But our course will give you the time to figure that out as well.
You: can u please elaborate a bit
Nina: Have you signed up for the free trial yet? It shows you how the Knewton classroom works.
You: i did take a free knewton test before
Nina: Okay.
You: scored a pathetic 6XX+ score
Nina: So, the course lasts about 5-8 weeks, but you will still have access to everything for one year.
Nina: So you can take the class again if you want more preparation.
You: ok
Nina: I definitely think this program is a good fit for you because of your busy schedule.
You: can u tell me how are the classes scheduled?
You: like what time
You: s
You: are they daily
Nina: No, they are usually once or twice a week.
You: is it in the weekend? how much hours?
Nina: Each class is 3 hours long.
You: are the classes scheduled during weekdays or weekends?
Nina: There are schedules for both. Some people prefer weekdays, others prefer weekends, so you have your options.
You: ok
You: can the recorded classes be downloaded?
Nina: The classes are recorded for you, so you can watch it any time you'd like.
Nina: They cannot be downloaded, though.
You: i need a good net speed then
Nina: good net speed?
You: i mean i have a 256kbps connection..
You: not sure if it is enough to watch the class online?
Nina: Hmm, let me check.
Nina: Amar? Can you open this link in another window? You'll be able to check to see if your Internet connection is fast enough.
You: let me try
You: shd i login? the webpage has opened
Nina: You do not need to log in.
Nina: Do you see the Adobe Acrobat connect pro section?
Nina: It should be in the middle of the page.
Nina: do you see that area?
You: nopes
You: this is a USC page?
Nina: Yes. Nothing shows up for you?
You: it shows a login page
Nina: it does?
You: s..i see the school the bottom there is a link which asks to check for system comaptibility
Nina: Yes, check for system compatibility. click there.
You: i got the msg "All settings are compatible with 2SC"
Nina: Then you should be okay.
You: is it possible that u tell me wht shd be the realistic score i shd expect
Nina: It's hard for me to say since I won't know your preparation.
Nina: But you sound like you have a really hard work ethic and are motivated to succeed, so I believe in you.
You: thanks for those encouraging words
You: but 6XX-6XX-7XX is wht i am worried abt
Nina: I feel like there's no point in worrying when the most important part is what you'll be DOING to get to that score.
Nina: Does that make sense?
You: yeah
You: what are the packages u have and the cost?
Nina: The GMAT course is $690.
You: what is this money back guarantee that is display in knewton website?
Nina: If you do not score 50 points better than your previous highest GMAT score, you can get your money back.
You: any term and conditions
Nina: Yes, the terms and conditions are listed here.
You: ok
Nina: Here's a summary of our money-back guarantee. For the full terms, view our terms here:
You: any discounts going on now?
Nina: No, not currently.
Nina: Is pricing a concern for you?
You: i want to get the best deal..
Nina: I see.
Nina: You can talk to one of our GMAT specialists about that.
Nina: Would you like to speak with one of them?
You: i can do that..can i chat with them?
Nina: We can call you.
Nina: Would that be okay?
You: s
You: when ?
You: today?
Nina: When you are free.
Nina: When are you free?
You: i am free now
Nina: Is there a time frame when we can reach you? Will you be available within the next hour?
You: yes
You: i will
Nina: Okay, at what number can we reach you?
You: isd code is 91 for india
Nina: So 91 before 9XXXXXX, correct?
Nina: Amar?
You: s
Nina: We will be in touch shortly.
Nina: Is there anything you'd like to ask me in the mean time?
You: what percent of ur students score 700?
Nina: We don't have an exact figure since students are not obligated to tell us their final scores, but many of our students score more than the 50 points guaranteed and over 700.
You: would be more interested how do the the international students who take ur courses online perform?
You: indians students
Nina: They do extremely well.
Nina: We have many Indian students who are happy with the course and very grateful for their experiences with us.
You: great
You: may i know who will be calling me?
Nina: Hey, we can call you soon.
Nina: Ira will call you.
You: ok
You: i am waiting :)
Nina: is this your email address?
You: s
Nina: Okay.
Nina: We'll be calling shortly.
Nina: Anything I can help you with now?
You: i will have talk to ira...thanks for ur help
Nina: No problem!
Nina: Good luck with everything!
You: thank u..
Nina: Take care. Ira should get in touch with you soon

Dreaming is not bad sometimes :)
Lets see what Ira has to say

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