Monday, August 9, 2010

School Choice, Quick-Start Essays, and Killer Recommendations

Applying to business school does not have to be a huge, expensive headache.

But you wouldn’t know that by googling “how to apply to business school” (Just so you know, 70 million hits come up). Applying to business school involves juggling a lot of moving parts, and it can be extremely time-consuming trying to keep everything straight.

So it’s a great thing that there are plenty of websites, forums, companies, and consultants that are eager to help? Right? Not quite. The process of choosing who to work with, for what, and whether you’re paying too much is also pretty stressful.

It’s enough to make you want to throw your hands in the air and forget about it.

But it really doesn’t have to be that hard. It’s amazing how when you have limited time and resources, you buckle down and just get it done. That’s what I did anyway.

And this (very long) letter is where I hope to convince you that we can work together and get your B-school apps done in a jiffy.

In just 8 months, I went from not knowing a thing about business school to being admitted to Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School.

A few years later, I worked with an equally clueless-but-hopeful client to get him admitted to his dream business school–Kellogg Graduate School of Management (the super-cool top-ranked b-school at Northwestern University).

After the sweet taste of victory, I knew I wanted to do it all over again. And again. But a girl’s only got so much time–and you’ve only got so much money.

So here I am with this brand spankin’ new coaching program, B-School Despite the Odds. It can fit into your already busy and full life, and it won’t decimate your wallet.
B-School Despite the Odds is a one-stop-shop for non-traditional applicants who want straightforward guidance on how to apply to and get admitted to a top MBA program.

And what do I mean when I say “non-traditional applicants”? I mean folks whose applicant profiles don’t necessarily fit into the mold that most business schools usually admit. I’m talking about people who did whatever internships they wanted to do in college (not necessarily what they were “supposed” to do), have a job that they love (or used to at least), and are probably getting underpaid and overworked.

If you’re still wondering what I mean by “non-traditional applicants,” I’m referring to people with some of the following qualities:

* are “too young” or “too old” to be applying
* work in the non-profit sector
* consider themselves to be educators, artists, social activists, or entrepreneurs
* avoided Math classes in college
* have GMAT scores below 680
* didn’t know what “management consulting” or “equity research” was in college (and still may not know)

(Psst . . . all of these things apply to me, so if I could get into a top business school, you can too!)

B-School Despite the Odds is an online resource of the most essential, helpful, and practical strategies for applying to business school within a limited time frame with a limited budget.

I make the process of applying to business school clear, easy to understand, and as stress-free as possible, so you can get your applications done and move on with living fabulously.

Every month, I will conduct a 1.5-hour live web-based seminar, covering what you need to do to be on-track with your MBA applications. Each seminar will end with a Q & A session where you can ask any question no matter how specific it is.
Is B-School Despite the Odds for me?

You can get more information and register at the below link

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  1. Hi Amar, have you tried this website? It looks tempting but a firsthand feedback would be useful.