Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chicago Booth Response

Thank you for your interest in Chicago Booth. The GPA is one piece of a large picture that the admissions committee considers when evaluating your background- all components are equally important. While we don’t have a cut-off requirement for consideration, we encourage our applicants to make all areas of their application as strong as possible. I can tell you that our current students typically range between 3.0 and 3.8, with an average of 3.5. Though the stats in a class profile( don't represent minimum requirements, they can tell you a lot about the competition and give you an idea about where you might fall. If your GPA is significantly lower, you can't change that of course, but you can find other ways to demonstrate your academic ability and intellectual curiosity; for example, taking graduate level summer courses or bringing professional certifications to light. We also have an optional essay within the application that applicants may use to address any perceived anomalies.

The admissions committee takes a holistic approach to reviewing individual applicants. There is no one path or profile that guarantees admission. As such, we cannot advise you on the what specific strategies you should employ – this is something that only an individual can determine for themselves. If you feel that taking additional coursework will make you a stronger candidate, you are welcome to do so, and the admissions committee will certainly take that into consideration. However, since we do not base the admissions decision solely on one component, we cannot speculate as to how this will impact your overall candidacy. We consider the entire application when making admission decisions. We also then consider your application and its components in relation to the other applications we have received in that round and for that admission year as our goal is to admit the best class overall.

The Admissions Committee does not have a minimum requirement in terms of work experience. We invite both early career candidates, as well as candidates with several years of work experience, to apply to Chicago Booth. Most of our students have approximately 3-5 years of work experience.

Above all, we seek candidates who can demonstrate a strong record of success and possess a clear vision for the future. When referencing work experience, applicants should highlight skills developed, contributions they have made to organizations, and leadership roles. For more information, please view our class profile( and/or our early career candidates page(

The Full-Time MBA Program does not have a minimum GMAT score for consideration, although we recommend that you make all aspects of your application as strong as possible. The mid-80th percentile range of GMAT scores for our incoming class is between 660-760, with an average of 714

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