Sunday, August 15, 2010

Clearadmit - Indians are 20 or 30 points above other aspirants

Clearadmit was the first consultant i talked for B school applications. ThinkISB was focused on ISB but this discussion was broad. I mean global B schools.

I had shared my profile earlier.The discussion started with what i do.If i had been interviewed before by any B school.
After seeing my gmat score she asked my prep scores. Most of my prep scores were +30 than my actual gmat,so she felt that the score is accurate and probably i cannot improve.

Questions asked
- Schools that i intend to join. I told her Harvard,Wharton,Columbia,Kellog,Stanford,INSEAD and NUS.
- Which region i intend to join B school. I said "any place"
- What do i wish to do post MBA.

Response from Clearadmit
-Getting into Harvard and Stanford is difficult
-Columbia gives more weight-age on GMAT
-I need to focus on the region where i want to work so that it will be easy to target B schools
-Indians are by default assumed to get better scores. Also indians students gmat scores are 20 to 30 points above other nationalities students
-i should be realistic on which B school to approach with my score. But she stated that profile needs to be evaluated in more detail before making a final call(this was a free 30 min call)

I need to do more homework on schools based on my post MBA goals and gmat score. Use google and various blogs for the research. I need to be more specific on questions asked to consultants rather than being generic.
Also she suggested me Cornell university and university of texas because they have more proportion of IT professionals in their batch.
She was also not much aware of european or asian B school

So i need to make a call on what next and research :(


  1. Amar, Happy I-day to u too. I can totally relate to things going in ur mind . Even I am in the same ship and have to work on my school choices .Well, the best thing what I learnt is to always have a Plan B . And here I am , currently working on Plan B .

    All the best for ur B-school ride :) Infact u have plenty of work-ex to bank upon .

  2. Hey Thanks for posting your experience, I am also thinking to approach them.

  3. Thanks for your great post!
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