Monday, August 30, 2010

B-School Despite the Odds Master Class - Last Part

Getting Started
• Putting all your essays in a google doc to organized
• Choose the essay that looks like the easiest and most fun to write
• JUST WRITE. Don’t worry abt word limits, using the exact right terms and
• Write an entire draft of essays in one writing
• Set it aside for 2 days
• Then ask urself these questions
o Am I detailed enough
o Am I being honest with myself
o If someone who did not know me read this, would they want to know
more abt me
o If someone who know me read this, would they agree with what I a

When u get stuck
• Take a break and relax. Have someone who know u read the essay and provide feedback
• Work on another essay.

Who should review your essays
• 2 alumni from the school you want to attend. More on September seminar
• Someone who knows you personally or professionally or academically well
• Consider: mentor, parents , siblings classmates, co-workers, friends, online friends and me

Who and When?

• Current or former supervisor, supervisors in community services, professional mentors
• Recommenders need only 6 weeks to complete ur recommendation
o For R1 ask for recommendation around 15 sep
o For R2 ask for recommendation around 15 nov

Kaneisha recommender packet
• A super organized, helpful packet to make sure you get the best recommendation
• Helps the recommender understand why you want to go to business school and why you will be a great fit to the school
• Reminds the recommender of how good you are and help him/her find the write words for you
And lot more……………

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