Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Is GMAT worth my tears?

The Critical Reasoning Question " Philosopher: The rational pursuit of happiness is quite different from always doing what one most strongly desires to do. This is because the rational pursuit of happiness must include consideration of long-term consequences, whereas our desires are usually focused on the short term. Moreover, desires are sometimes compulsions, and while ordinary desires result in at least momentary happiness when their goals are attained, compulsions strongly drive a person to pursue goals that offer no happiness even when reached” in BTG website inspired my today's thought process. I was stuck between 2 answers for this Question, but life is about making one path and not sticking in the middle.

Two day back I had palpitation while sleeping. Went to a doctor immediately and I realized that my pressure is high. Doctor screamed that @28 I do not deserve this. This 70+ guy heard my daily routine and said you seem to be nervous because of GMAT. I have done my engineering in the college which is about 20 mile from my town and college is 50+ years old. My doc was like an engico (term used for student from my college) should take things lightly.

Sitting on a bench I was frustrated and analyzing why I am not going above 640 in my prep test. A sudden drop from my eye just flashed my memories.

What is it all about GMAT? A flashback
In 2007 I was inspired to write GMAT by one of gym buddies. I took it up seriously and faltered to get a 640 only. I had strict list of schools into which I would apply and faulted in interviews. The most memorable interview for me will be the IIM-Indore I/v in IIM-Bangalore campus. In the morning before boarding the train I had an accident. The train conductor of shatabdhi delayed the start of train by 2 minutes to give me the first aid. I got 2 stitches in my hand and attended the interview. I did not make it to the college. I can keep cribbing. Lets come Back to reality now

I cursed myself that I should have expanded my list of schools outside India rather than being adamant about my choice. Today I am at the cross-roads where I am again struggling and preparing for the exam. People say u have already answered u must get it this time. Other says so what if u do not get it "U have a good job". But how do I tell people the stigma of not getting what u want...Well tired, s, tired I slept of in front of my laptop...

Tring...Tring... (My mobile alarm)...Get up (my mom said with a cup of tea in hand)...last night is gone and a fresh day starts...
I have made lot of new friends due to my gmat preps, learnt new things, learnt new concepts and most importantly my determination is still intact and I am still in hunt for what I want. So why to worry...I remember my teacher in gmat class telling me that 'GMAT does not decide that your knowledge is poor/good. It is just an exam'...
Hats off to people who have scored good GMAT scores. for others in the same boat as me, i can only say 'u know what is best for u and people around u. The importance of bolded sentence i realize when i talk to my dear ones. Irrespective of this, I feel a tear sometimes relieves a pressure a lot

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