Thursday, August 12, 2010

ISB Profile evaluation by thinkISB

Got the feedback from thinkisb for my profile. The person who reviewed my profile was an IT engineer with 5+ year of ex and passed out of ISB.
The major problem she noted is that engineering is a very competitive pool and a 640 score is a major bottleneck. Below are the Key highlights

1) You should write GMAT again and aim for a 700+ score
2) Try and publicize your blog to sell your writing interest
3) Take up more opportunities of pre-sales activities to show focus towards post MBA goal

thinkisb has sent out a detailed response, which can act as a benchmark for me. Anxiously waiting to get the other profile evaluation done by other consultants.

i do not have much hopes but lets see


  1. Neha(Profile reviewer): As said earlier also my aim was not to discourage you but provide a frank and objective evaluation. Dont forget that i also said that if you can write catchy and engrossing essays you have a chance.
    In case you are planning to work on receommendation 2; please post somehting that is your writing/thoughts; as of now most of the articles are responses you got from different B-schools/consultants. It does not showcase your creativity.

  2. hi neha.
    nice to see that u r also following BTG or my blog :)
    this blog is not for my writing mentioned earlier due to copyright issues i cannot publish it...I will definitely work on recommendation 2 since it is my hobby and is not related to my MBA goal